Friday, 03 May 2019 14:31

Chiefs Officers of plant protection services from EU member states will participate in an informal meeting in Craiova

Between 6 and 8 May, the city of Craiova, as well as Segarcea and Cezieni localities, will host the informal meeting of the Chief Officers on Plant Health (COPHs) organized by the National Phytosanitary Authority. This reunion is part of the meetings scheduled to take place during Romania's Presidency of the Council of the European Union in the first semester of 2019.

The informal meeting program is designed to demonstrate the level of phytosanitary service in Romania, and site visits will be organized to emphasize the practice of obtaining healthy planting material. During the two session sessions scheduled to take place on the first part of May 7th, topics such as the International Plant Health Plan 2020, the report of the 14th meeting of the Phytosanitary Measures Committee, held at Rome in April, or state of play of tertiary legislation of the Plant Health Regulation (EU) no. 2031/2016 and the Official Controls (EU) Regulations no. 625/2017.

On May 7th, the first land visit will be made to farmers in Segarcea, Dolj County, followed on May 8th by a second visit to the land, Cezieni locality in Olt County, dendrological and silvicultural nursery "Elias Bondrea", which aims to highlight plant pest monitoring programs as well as the inspection procedure for the issue of the plant passport to regulated species.